What do People Sell at Farmers Markets?

Farmers markets are popular in many countries. The products they sell are mostly organic (bio) and environmentally friendly.

They are usually arranged on weekends in the open air or under a temporary ceiling. In some places, they work only during the warmer months, for example, in Chicago, you may visit farmer markets from May 1 to October 30. But where the climate allows, for example in San Francisco, they work all year round. Each state has its own laws governing the markets. Market rules cover everything from licenses to trade to product labeling requirements. There are special state programs, grants and other forms of assistance to support the markets. All farm products are inspected before being allowed to sell on the market.What do People Sell on Farm Markets_

What do they sell in farmers’ markets?

The main condition is the products should be made by local farmers only. These are milk, butter, cottage cheese, cheese, cream, yogurt made from the milk of cows, which ate exclusively grass or hay. Tomatoes on the farmers market have a real taste. Bread is baked according to old recipes, without additives. Berries do not impress by their size and plastic appearance. Flowers grown by farmers smell amazing and stand in vases for a very long time. Honey they sell is made by bees who do not know the taste of sugar.

Where to find farm markets?

Farmers’ markets are arranged in all big US cities. As a rule, they are open on Saturdays or Fridays. Such markets are very popular among buyers because people appreciate organic products without chemical substances.

However, farmers’ markets in the US are not an innovative idea. The first such market appeared in Pennsylvania in the heart of the local Amish community – in the city of Lancaster. It has worked since 1730 and sells Amish farm products.

Farmers from the United States of America

The farmers themselves are very interesting people. Many of them are passionate about not only agriculture and healthy nutrition. Some of them are engaged in needlework, carpentry, make homemade cosmetics, candles and more. You can also buy these items on the market.

There you can listen to live music. There is a chance to see a master class from the chefs of restaurants who buy products from farmers. The farmers market is not just a place where you can buy or try products. It is also a place for communication.

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