What is the Purpose of Farmers Markets?

Throughout the United States of America, farmers’ markets with local suppliers attract buyers by their products – this is a common practice in the season from spring to autumn. Their customers advocate eating foods grown nearby, as they tend to be fresher, healthier, tastier, and more environmentally friendly than products exported from abroad. In addition, the purchase of local products makes people happy because it allows them to support manufacturers with whom they are personally acquainted, and they, in turn, invest in the local economy.

It is not surprisingly, the number of farmers’ markets increased from 1755 in 1994 to 8144 in 2013, that is, more than 350%, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. This trend is becoming increasingly popular: buyers vote for the “local” manufacturers and have a significant impact on national food systems. Their enthusiasm causes suppliers, grocers and restaurateurs to change their policies and offer domestic goods all year round.farmers' markets

The National Restaurant Association, in its 2014 review entitled “Most Popular Product Trends,” claimed that the request for local products is the dominant trend. Hyper-local products, including greens and vegetables grown by local restaurants, as well as products produced under state-farm brands, ranked 6th and 10th, respectively. Products from the categories: “environmental safety” and “environmental maritime safety” took the 3rd and 8th place. It corresponds to the definite trend because the methodology for the production of products is an integral part of the local products’ distribution.

There is evidence that buying local products can mean more wholesome and tasty food since manufacturers prefer the best varieties because of their high crop-producing powers.

It is obvious that effectively using technologies by means of which certain crops are grown, producers can help reduce the environmental negative impact of production, make products available to customers throughout the year and continue to support local farmers.

But in order for the benefits of the local products to multiply, everyone involved in the food system must work hard to preserve and to improve this system of farmers’ markets and environmentally-friendly products.

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