Are Farmers Markets Expensive or Where Americans Buy Products?

Food in the US can be bought at farmers markets. They are very popular in the States and usually take place on weekends: where the climate allows (for example, in California) – all year round, and in the northeastern states – only in warm weather. There sold products mainly of organic and environmentally friendly nature. Prices for it are usually lower than for similar ones in supermarkets. It means you may save money when visiting farmers’ markets. All products are pre-inspected and licensed.

You can buy dairy products, eggs, meat and poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade bread, flowers, handmade soap, etc. on the farmers’ market. A nice addition will be all sorts of entertainment that accompany the event.Is It Expensive to Visit Farmers' Markets_

37% of US consumers buy vegetables and fruits in farmers’ markets

In the US, there is the growing popularity of farmers markets. According to a report by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI):

  • 37% of American consumers periodically buy vegetables and fruits in farmers’ markets;
  • 16% in roadside outlets where food safety is in doubt;
  • 17% in specialized organic food stores;
  • 9% in ethnic stores;
  • 3% each comes from online sales and delivery of ready-made catering.

The volume of trade in fruit and vegetables at farmers’ markets does not exceed 1% of all retail sales of these products, but some representatives of the network retail already perceive this trend as a threat to their business. They are trying to rectify the situation by introducing farm products and the atmosphere of the farmers market to their own stores.

From the data of the FMI report, it considers that 21% of US buyers buy fruits and vegetables by other ways than other nutrition items. 21% prefer farmers’ markets, farm outlets and small specialized points of sales, 16% go to organic stores, and another 10% to stores operating under the club system.

The main reason for choosing such channels for purchasing fruits and vegetables for:

  • 50% of respondents is that they consider products on farmers’ markets and similar points of sale to be of higher quality and fresher;
  • 29% of respondents noted the possibility of choosing the best varieties;
  • 27% of respondents consider prices at such points of sale more attractive;
  • 19% of respondents purposefully come to the markets and speciality stores for organic or local products.

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