Become a Vendor at Farmers’ Market

Farmers markets, the once-usual way of marketing products over the centuries, are growing again and becoming an important component of purchasing products in the local communities. Such markets are a place where you can find fresh local products, see people living in your community, share great food and buy homemade seasonal delicacies that supermarkets cannot always offer us. And if you want to join and become part of the local agricultural market and sell your own grown foods, homemade products, or household appliances, then you should plan everything to make sure your efforts are as effective as they are profitable.vendor at farmers' market

Steps to becoming a vendor

  • Make a list of everything you need to be prepared;
  • Decide what you will sell;
  • Get certifications by the health council in your area;
  • Keep in touch with the owner, head or organizer of the farmers’ market;
  • As soon as you are accepted as a market participant, sketch out a plan of how your placement will look like;
  • Get ready a day before the market;
  • Wake up early on the market day. (Come to the market place in advance if this is your first time; so you have time to arrange everything. As you gain experience, you will learn tricks that will allow you to find a little more time to stay in bed, but for a beginner, it’s better to start early, so that you can manage to settle everything that could have gone wrong the first time.)
  • Attract buyers.


Never sit sprawling or with your arms across. Sometimes people go to the market shooting for the camera, and you should not look bored on the photo! In general, always keep up with your gestures – never show that you are not interested in having customers ignoring them.

Bring sticks to tie, or weights to hold your tent – sometimes such a strong wind rises that it can tear it down!

Being a merchant is a great job. You should invest everything you have and probably can quickly fail. But over time, you will become stronger and learn ways to cope with it, so that soon, you will find everything is much easier.

Get ready for rain, hurricanes, wind and blisters from the hot sun. Bring an electric fan if it will work at your location.

What do you need to have with?

  • Tent or large umbrella;
  • Showcase table, a table on stand, folding table boxes;
  • Products;
  • Plates, labels, stickers;
  • Licenses or certificates (if required);
  • Vehicle trailer;
  • Pocket money and belt wallet to keep money with you;
  • Calculator, possibly attached to the counter;
  • Packages (optional).

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